Let’s be honest about it

Traffic. Let’s be honest about it ? the whole point of trading links is to get more traffic to your site. The higher the other traffic’s site is, the more attractive they should be as a partner. It may be difficult to determine what their traffic is, but you can sometimes get lucky and find […]


In addition, if you’d like to write a review of our new “Frozen-Gerbil-o-Tron” instant gerbil freezers, we’ll be happy to send you one to test. We’ll add a link to any review you post to our “Reviews” section, if you’ll provide a link back in your review. Thank you for your time. If it’s convenient […]

Your number one

This last type will probably become your number one source of web site traffic over time. This is great news, because it means that you control your site’s success, not some robot search engine. Most smaller web sites (not the corporate giants) will be happy to trade links with you. After all, there are always […]

Dog owners

Synergy. If the site for dog owners has a FAQ with a question about doggie doors, or an article on the pros and cons of doggie doors, that’s where you want them to link to your site. If they don’t have appropriate content, offer to provide it. See our how-to article on asking for reciprocal […]