How To Ask For Reciprocal Links

You’ve decided to use a reciprocal linking program to build your web site’s traffic, selected the initial group of web sites with which you want to trade links, and installed tracking software on your server to keep track of all the traffic it’s going to bring in. Now it’s time to start the campaign. How do you get started? All you have to do is ask!

For each of the sites on your list of targets, send a brief, personal message to the operator or webmaster. Most sites will have contact information somewhere in their “About” or “Contact” sections, as discussed in our article on finding good candidates for reciprocal links. The message should be complimentary, but it should also get to the point. Here’s an example:

Dear Bob,

I’m the operator of the “Frozen Gerbils Unlimited” web site, at, and I’ve found your web site’s articles on cryogenic gerbil boxes to be extremely useful.

I think it would benefit both of our sites if we traded links. If you will place a link to our site on all of your articles on cryogenic gerbil boxes, we’ll place links to your site in our FAQ and Links pages.