Reciprocal Linking Strategy – Selecting Partners

There are literally millions of web sites. You can’t trade links with everyone. Even if you wanted to, your site’s content and mission will dictate how many off-site links you can really put in place. Unless your site is the next Yahoo! or Open Directory tabletki na erekcje , you’ll probably only have a page or two of links at most. So, how do you decide which web sites to target in your reciprocal linking campaign?

We’ve developed a simple strategy, which involves ranking the sites you’re considering on a few factors. These factors can be broken down into finer and finer details, but when you’re talking strategy, it’s best to get the long view first. Other articles on this site describe each of these in much greater detail – feel free to suggest an article if you find something we haven’t covered well enough.

Quality. You don’t want to trade links with sites that don’t offer something valuable to their visitors. For one thing, most of their visitors will never make it as far as the links page. For another, your listing of the site on your links page represents an implied endorsement of the other site. Would you recommend the site to someone? If not, don’t ask for or agree to any reciprocal linking relationship.